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Wolf XChange


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Hello! Thank you for having interest in WolfXChange, the community you get something out of! If you are interested in how this community works, this bio might clue you in!

WolfXChange is very much like dragon exchange, griffon exchange, and etc. After searching and finding no wolf group, WolfXChange was born! (Note: This group is not a ripoff or copycat--credit to the original art exchange group goes to, I believe, anthroxchange2..I can't exactly remember who it was that began the trend. It wasn't me though!)

This community works exactly like the other exchange groups.
**First thing's first, please apply for membership by clicking on the link at the top of the page. There is no application to fill out, just click the link and wait for approval. **

General Rules PLEASE READ!

Sign Ups A post will be made at the end of each month to sign up for the next month's exchange. You must reply to this post and fill out the required information. After you have replied you wait for an email to be sent to you with the name of your Chosen. Emails will be sent out on the first of each month. Once you get your Chosen, start to work! Art is due by the last day of each month. This gives the artists plenty of time to complete their artwork each month. Late art is unacceptable unless there is some genuine emergency. Please let us know if you will be turning your art in late. ART BLOCK IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE A LEGITIMATE EXCUSE. People who do not have a legitimate excuse for their late art will be blacklisted.

Gallery URL You must provide us with a link to your online gallery when you sign up for an exchange. This is required so that we can see where your skill level is at. While we all understand that each artist is an individual, and each artist's level of talent and experience is different, we do expect each artist to put forth their best effort in their artwork for this exchange. If the piece you submit is not along the same skill level and effort that you put into your other art, you may be asked to redo your art or be banned from the next round.
Skill level itself is not important. We're all learning and we've all been beginners at one point or another. What we are looking for is how much effort you put into your art. Don't be shy if you don't think you're very good. We want to help you improve!

Artwork You should submit finished work each month. This means no sketches, unless otherwise explained by a mod. (We occassionaly do sketch rounds for short months.) This does not mean that you can't do pencil work, but it must be finished pencil work with shading and detail. Finished lineart is acceptable but discouraged. It should be work that you would be proud to display and show off to other people. Keep in mind what kind of art you would expect to recieve.
Characters MUST be wolves, as this is a wolf exchange community. Hybrids are allowed but they must be AT LEAST half wolf. If you have any questions or doubts about your character meeting this rule, please ask before you sign up!

Critique Constructive criticism is allowed and encouraged. Please do not take critcism personally, we are only trying to help you grow as an artist. Flaming and other non constructive criticism is not allowed and anyone doing so will be asked to leave the community.

Reference Picture It is required that you have at least one reference picture for your character when you sign him/her/it up. You must have at least one picture of your character done by your own hand. Pose, medium, and such doesn't matter. It's okay to use photos of wolves that have the same marking as your character. It is also okay to use a picture that someone else drew, as long as it is of YOUR character and not someone elses. You may post as many references as you think is necessary as long as you have at least ONE drawn by YOU.

Art Rips Obviously, you should only submit work done by you for your Chosen each round. If you are caught ripping art from someone else to use in an exchange you will immediately be banned from the community. It is fine to use other people's works as reference, this is a way some people learn, but you must not completely rip artwork from someone else.

Blacklist If you do not turn in art on time, or you turn in sub-par work (based on other works in your gallery), you will be blacklisted. You will remain on the list until you turn in/redo the art you owe. If you are blacklisted twice in a row, you will not be allowed to participate in the next round. If you are blacklisted a third time you will be asked to leave the community.

Adoptions People who do not recieve art during an exchange round will be put up for adoption. Anyone can volunteer to draw for them. This does not mean that their original Chosen should shirk their duties. They will still be expected to turn in art in order to be taken off the blacklist. A post will be made at the end of each round with the names of people who haven't recieved art from their Chosen.

m4ck3nzi3 - Creator
athena_marz - Moderator

Questions, comments, concerns?
Email us!

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URL: http://community.livejournal.com/wolfxchange/

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